Ask yourself three questions … #Trust30

June 19, 2011 § Leave a comment

Writing Challenge- Day 19 (catching up)

Greatness appeals to the future. If I can be firm enough to-day to do right, and scorn eyes, I must have done so much right before as to defend me now. Be it how it will, do right now. Always scorn appearances, and you always may. – Ralph Waldo Emerson

Trusting intuition and making decisions based on it is the most important activity of the creative artist and entrepreneur. If you are facing (and fearing) a difficult life decision, ask yourself these three questions:

1) “What are the costs of inaction?” I find it can be helpful to fight fear with fear. Fears of acting are easily and immediately articulated by our “lizard brains” (thanks Seth) e.g. what if I fail? what if I look stupid? If you systematically and clearly list the main costs of inaction, they will generally overshadow your immediate fears.

2) “What kind of person do I want to be?” I’ve found this question to be extremely useful. I admire people who act bravely and decisively. I know the only way to join their ranks is to face decisions that scare me. By seeing my actions as a path to becoming something I admire, I am more likely to act and make the tough calls.

3) “In the event of failure, could I generate an alterative positive outcome?” Imagine yourself failing to an extreme. What could you learn or do in that situation to make it a positive experience? We are generally so committed to the results we seek at the outset of a task or project that we forget about all the incredible value and experience that comes from engaging the world proactively, learning, and improving our circumstances as we go along.

(Author: Dan Andrew)


1) “What are the costs of inaction?”
My inner voice would never forgive me, it would always be telling me that I could do something that mattered, something bigger than simply doing what I am told to do. I would never (will never) be happy until I could do work that makes a difference and it just so happens, what this is for me is to help other people grow their ideas. Everyday I choose to fight the fear and push myself harder and my inner voice has been pretty happy with me since I choose this path.
2) What kind of person do I want to be?”
I want to be the kind of person that listens, motivates action, does the work that creates the greatest change and sets a great example, especially for my two wonderful children.
3) “In the event of failure, could I generate an alterative positive outcome?”
Everything happens for a reason and there is always a postive outcome, it is just a matter of perspective. Let inituition and fate be your guide, do the work and the rest will fall into place as it should.


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